Rent a Fiat 500 in Casablanca: The Retro-Styled Italian City Car

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Experience the freedom of the road with Fiat 500 rental in Casablanca by Rifai Auto. Enjoy this compact city car at budget-friendly prices. Our diverse fleet of rental vehicles ensures an economical and memorable experience in the beautiful city of Casablanca. Book now and explore the city in style, all at an affordable price, with the Fiat 500 offered by Rifai Auto.

  • 2018
  • Diesel
  • Automatic
  • Air conditioning
  • 5 passengers
  • 4
  • 5
  • 21
Audio Input
USP Input
FM Radio
Mp3 Online
Camera Tracking

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You just landed in Casablanca and are looking for the ideal stylish small car to zip around the city streets? Go for renting a Fiat 500! With its vintage look and clever city car vibe, the iconic Cinquecento is the perfect companion to explore Casablanca.

At Rifai Auto, we offer you the possibility to rent the popular Fiat 500 for flexible durations, whether for a day or longer. Our fleet is meticulously maintained to guarantee you la dolce vita behind the wheel of this iconic little Italian racer. Discover its assets:

An Assumed Retro Style

With its curves and 60s-inspired design, the Fiat 500 boasts a decidedly retro look:

  • Cute face with the signature round headlights. A nod to the first Cinquecentos.
  • Rounded silhouette and canvas convertible top on some models, for more authenticity.
  • Extensive customization choices: bold colors, vintage-look stickers… Make your 500 a one-of-a-kind car!
  • Ultra-compact dimensions: 3.57m long and 1.63m wide. Extreme maneuverability around town.

Fiat 500 Specifications

Under its retro styling, the 500 hides modern equipment:

  • 1.2 liter 69hp and 0.9L TwinAir 85hp gas engines, for dynamic driving.
  • 5-speed manual transmission or dual clutch DCT automatic.
  • Electric power steering and different driving modes. Optimized handling.
  • Onboard tech: Uconnect touchscreen, USB, Bluetooth…Top connectivity.
  • Air conditioning, tinted windows, lots of storage…Real comfort onboard.
  • 7 airbags, parking sensors…The 500 also delivers on safety!

A Small Car with a Big Personality

The 500 is much more than a vintage style, it’s a real burst of cheerfulness:

  • Its cute, colorful look instantly puts you in a good mood!
  • Excellent maneuverability in the city to nip anywhere with agility.
  • Well-calibrated suspension for great driving comfort. Ideal even on long trips.
  • Warm, customizable interior ambiance: upholstery, trims…
  • Good size/space ratio. 4 adults travel comfortably.

With the Fiat 500 rented from Rifai Auto, discover Casablanca and surroundings in style and enjoyment! Contact us soon to book your little hot hatch.

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2 reviews for Rent a Fiat 500 in Casablanca: The Retro-Styled Italian City Car

  1. Simon Markstrom (verified owner)

    I have rent a car from Rifai Auto and plan to pick up at 11:00PM, however, my flight was delayed around 1 hour. I have no way to notify them(in the flight), since I am worry that I have to stay in the airport for a whole night and reschedule my time next morning.
    When I was landing, I got a call from their agents and tell me that they are still waiting for me, I was surprised (previously I have another similar bad experience with another rental company). Finally I got the car as planned. This make me feel that they were really taking care of their customer.
    I would give a big praise to Rifai Auto and their agents in Casablanca airport. They do excellent job. I am looking forward to come back again.

  2. Ludwig Streil (verified owner)

    One of the most amazing experiences
    Am a client of Rifai Auto since long time ago
    Rifai provides you with a professional service that you will never experience elsewhere
    Prices are worth it too !

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