Frequently Asked Questions at RIFAI AUTO Rent a Car

Before the rental

Why choose RIFAI AUTO for my car rental in Casablanca?

RIFAI AUTO offers you a large choice of quality vehicles, so we can meet all your needs, whether you need to move around town, whether you are going on vacation, whether you have professional mobility needs. You have telephone assistance 7 days a week, so we have set up a loyalty program (RIFAI Rewards) which will give you many advantages.
For more information, please consult the following page: Car Rental in Casablanca – RIFAI AUTO.

What documents are required to rent a car in Casablanca?

To rent a car in Casablanca, you must present the following documents:
• Valid driver’s license.
• Valid identity document: Passport or Identity card.

Do I need a specific driver’s license to drive a passenger/utility vehicle?

All our passenger and utility vehicles are driven with a B license. The permit must be valid and legible.

Is there a possibility that someone else could drive the rented vehicle?

Only drivers listed on the rental contract can drive the vehicle you have rented from RIFAI AUTO. They are covered by our insurance. Additional drivers must present their driver’s license when picking up the vehicle.

How to book a car in Casablanca?

If you want to book a car in Casablanca, just complete the reservation form on our website and we will confirm your request as soon as possible.

what are the payment options available?

The following payments are accepted at RIFAI AUTO:
• Species.
• Credit card.
You also have the option of making an online payment on our site to block your reservation.

Where can I pick up my vehicle?

You can pick up the vehicle at our agency in town (Casablanca), but we can also deliver the vehicle to you on your arrival at the airport, at your hotel, or even at a specific place in the city center for free between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Our online booking form will guide you through the booking process and give you the tools you need to determine the pickup location.

What’s special for professionals?

Are you a company that regularly uses our services?
You can request a reduction code for our rates.

Who can take out a long-term car rental contract in Casablanca?

Basically, anyone can ask to take out a contract: companies, communities or individuals; on condition of being eligible by our Management, which studies the client’s file and gives its agreement.
For more information, please see our article: Long Term Car Rental in Casablanca.

Can I collect the vehicle at Casablanca airport?

If you want to book a rental vehicle to save time in preparing for your trip, you can make your car rental at Casablanca airport (or even Tangier) via our online booking form.
for more details, see the Car rental in Casablanca airport page.

What options can I book?

The RIFAI AUTO rental can be supplemented with our various additional options, so that your rental meets your wishes. Additional services can be added or modified until the start of the rental. If you have chosen an additional option or protection, they will be indicated on the rental agreement and confirmed by your signature. It is also possible to book an additional driver retrospectively. Please note that in this case, additional driver fees will be charged for the entire rental period.
In the case of an online reservation, after entering the data concerning the desired rental (date, place, type of vehicle), you will be able to select the available options.
To learn more about our available rental options please see the following page: Rental Options.

Is it possible to rent a child seat?

The availability of baby seats, child seats and booster seats for children from 0 to 36 kg is guaranteed upon reservation.

When should I let you know if I want to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations can be made at any time before the start of the rental. Please note that you will be charged the full rental amount if you do not cancel your prepaid reservation before the rental commences or if you do not take your reserved car.

During the rental

How can I extend my car rental in Casablanca?

If you wish to extend your car rental in Casablanca, simply go to one of the RIFAI AUTO agencies 24 hours before the end of the rental to redo the rental contract and pay for the additional days.
Note: A request for an extension is subject to the availability of our vehicles.

What should I do in the event of a breakdown?

In the event of a breakdown, you must call the RIFAI AUTO assistance service on +212 6 63 65 13 21. Our team will assist you in all the steps to follow.

What should I do in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, you must complete an amicable automobile accident report and submit it within a period not exceeding 24 hours to the agency where you picked up the vehicle.
You must therefore call the RIFAI AUTO assistance service on +212 6 63 65 13 21 to inform them and for them to guide you on the steps to follow.

Who should I contact in any case?

In any case, you can call us on +212 6 63 65 13 21.
Our team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

What are your cancellation conditions?

Our cancellation conditions are as follows:
• In the event of a no-show at the appointment set for the collection of the vehicle, 2 rental days will be charged to you.
• In the event of cancellation 24 hours before the pick-up: 1 day of the rental will be billed to you.
• In the event of cancellation 48 hours before taking charge: no penalty.

Does the additional driver have to be present at the time of rental?

It is absolutely essential that any additional driver presents the original of his driving license. If the additional driver cannot be present when the vehicle is picked up, he can be added to the contract at any RIFAI AUTO branch where he can come with the original of his driving license.

Where can I find what fuel to use?

Normally, our agent will advise you of the fuel to use when collecting your vehicle.

Who should I contact in case of theft?

In case of theft, please call the rental agency on +212 0663651321.

After the rental

I forgot something in the vehicle. Who to contact?

We invite you to use our online contact form. You will then be contacted as soon as possible by the agency concerned.

What procedure should I follow when I return my vehicle?

• Believe only what you see. The keys to the car as well as the rental contract should only be handed over to RIFAI AUTO employees.
• If you wish to return the vehicle to a hotel, garage or company rather than one of our agencies, please obtain authorization from the agency beforehand.

Do I have to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel?

When picking up at a branch, you will have a vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If you cannot refuel when your vehicle is returned, our on-site staff will take care of it. As the costs of diesel and gasoline vary daily, we cannot give you a fixed price.

Loyalty program

How can I earn Reward points?

For each reservation made, points are automatically awarded by our system.

How many Reward points can I earn per rental?

The number of points awarded by our system depends on the rental period.

Can I earn Reward points on a past rental?

Cumulation is possible retroactively over the last 6 months.

How can I check the status of my Reward Points credit?

You can check the status of your points online in your account.

How do I convert my Reward Points credit?

When you have accumulated 2,000 Reward points, use them to reserve a rental vehicle online. 100 Reward points = 200 Dhs You have not accumulated enough Reward points to pay the total rental bill? Pay the difference in cash.

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