Optional services for your car rental in Casablanca

Book a rental car in casablanca and customize your rental with options

Optional services for car rental

Do you want to register an additional driver or need roof racks to increase the load capacity of your car, in short do you need to add options to your car rental? No problem, you can book a lot of options at Rifai Auto . We offer you an overview of the most frequently requested rental options, so that you can book your rental car in Casablanca comfortably and move with peace of mind.

Rent a car equipped with a GPS in Casablanca

Rent a Car equipped with a GPS in Casablanca

Given the increase in geographical space and the opening of tourism to places where access is difficult, renting a car in Casablanca with the optional GPS service included has become a real necessity in order to reach your destination. you knew her or not. Thanks to this device, your journey will be problem-free and it will be easier for you to find your destination. You will save precious time and you will immediately find your place of arrival.

At Rifai Auto we offer you the option of adding a GPS navigation system to your reservation, in order to facilitate your access to places that are little known, difficult to navigate, or even requiring perfect knowledge of the city or country.

What contribution does GPS make to Rifai Auto?

Since customer satisfaction remains our priority, we know that this satisfaction arises from the adequacy between customer expectations and the perceived performance of the service offered. This theory obliges us to offer a quality car rental service in Casablanca, and to remain in a constant process of improving the quality of this service. For this, our agency is committed to setting up this new GPS device rental service, considered one of the first agencies in Morocco to offer this type of service.

What are the advantages of renting a car in Casablanca with the optional GPS service included?

These devices facilitate your travel to your destination with great precision and efficiency, thanks to unique functionalities. Car GPS systems also include complete and up-to-date databases. They also offer live displays of your route, speed limits, as well as a variety of safety alerts and audio indications.

Additionally, renting a GPS-equipped car in Casablanca will allow you to download more reliable real-time traffic information, weather updates, as well as alerts on your calls and messages. Quite practical, isn’t it? It is also possible to search for destinations and plan routes from your computer or smartphone with a view to loading them onto your navigation device, as GPS devices are capable of connecting to other devices via Bluetooth.

Adding an Additional Driver to your car rental in Casablanca

The person authorized to drive the rented car is the person who took the rental with their driving license. However, if you do not want to drive alone, be aware that additional drivers must then be included in the rental contract, in order to be covered by the insurance.

So, to rent a car in Casablanca and so that a second driver can use this car individually or jointly, check the “Additional Driver” box in the “Additional Service” category in the filters of the reservation form. Make sure that the second driver is over 21 years old, that he has a valid license and that his age corresponds to the category of the vehicle rented. Only one additional driver is permitted.

Book your rental car in Casablanca equipped with a child booster seat

Book a Car with child booster seat

Are you planning to rent a car in Casablanca for a family vacation? No problem, we have approved booster seats suitable for children from 4 years old to approximately 12 years old, for safe journeys!

In fact, children must be seated in a suitable seat. if their size does not allow them to attach directly with the seat belt in the rear seat. To reserve a booster seat, carefully select your optional service when making your reservation.

Reserve your rental car equipped with a baby seat

Car Rental in Casablanca with baby seat

Are you planning to travel freely with your family through Morocco, but are you accompanied by infants or children aged 15 months or less? No worries, our agency does everything possible to ensure the well-being and comfort of your babies. This will allow you to rent your car in Casablanca while keeping peace of mind. We have approved baby seats for your babies! This accessory is adapted to the body structures of infants and ensures their comfort and safety throughout the journey.

To reserve a baby seat, carefully select the optional service when making your reservation.

Rent a car equipped with a roof rack in Casablanca

Rental Car with roof rack

You intend to rent a car in Casablanca, but you have a few questions! A looming vacation? A trunk too full? How frustrating it can be to not be able to fit all your belongings into your rental car. Roof bars coupled with a roof box are an excellent option for any trip requiring a lot of luggage and/or bulky objects.

So, in order to help you optimize the loading capacity of your vehicle, we offer 2 steel roof bars for occasional use. Maximum load 50 kg supported by the bars subject to the maximum load accepted by the vehicle. To reserve roof racks, select the optional service in the reservation.

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